‘I just never seem to find the time to sit down for a proper lunch. I usually grab a quick sandwich and eat it at my desk.’

In today's world of deadlines and stress, many of us find it hard to focus on getting a balanced diet and regular exercise, which could increase the likelihood of suffering from constipation. In fact, some people find that constipation may be brought on by, or made worse by their lifestyles which are characterised by:

Is this you?

  • Stress
    • A tense body
    • Rushed activity
  • Erratic eating habits
    • Eating "on the hoof"
    • Fast, convenience food lacking in nutritional value
    • Odd meal times
  • Lack of exercise
    • Long days behind a desk
    • No time for fitness activities

The digestive system is a complicated mechanism and can be easily upset by changes in routine. Hectic lives can mean there is no routine at all. When time is tight, meals are often rushed, taken at odd times and consisting of whatever is available quickly.

Deskbound professionals may also experience a sluggish digestive system. This is because our general fitness has an indirect effect on the process of pushing food through the intestinal tract (peristalsis).

Above all, it is important not to let it get too bad. If constipation is having a serious impact on your life, don't hesitate to consult your doctor or pharmacist.