Reasons to treat constipation


Why constipation should not be ignored

When constipation only occurs once in a while, many of us tend to wait for it to go away by itself. After all, what real harm can it do? In fact, there are several reasons to treat constipation:

Impact on quality of life

The effects of constipation are not just restricted to your digestive system, as many people feel generally uncomfortable and less able to enjoy their day fully when constipated.

Build-up of waste

When you think about it, constipation is essentially food waste, that could be days old, sitting around in your body for longer than it should - you've been eating all different kinds of food but none of the waste from this is coming out. It builds up, getting heavier and heavier and you're carrying that around with you day after day – so it's no wonder constipation can make you feel uncomfortable.

A vicious circle

Waste that sits in the bowel for longer than is normal can cause your bowel wall to stretch. If it happens over a prolonged period it can become more difficult for waste to move through the bowel, which can make you become constipated again and so the vicious circle continues.

undefinedSometimes certain changes in lifestyle can be very effective at relieving constipation. However, there may be times when you need a little help to get back to normal. What is essential is that we do not ignore our bodies - we need to recognise the symptoms and treat constipation accordingly.

A combination of healthy living and giving your system a hand when it needs it is the key to taking control of your digestive health.