What to expect - Helping your digestive system

When constipated, some people may hesitate to take treatments for a variety of reasons. They might think they are harmful or that they will make them go when they least expect it or when it's most embarrassing. The fact isthat there are products available on the market that offer natural, gentle, predictable relief and simply put your digestive system back on track. Read the following questions and answers on taking constipation remedies, to find out about common misconceptions and what you can expect:

1. Are constipation remedies addictive?

There is no evidence to suggest that constipation remedies are addictive, of course, as with all treatments, you should follow the instructions on the box or enclosed leaflet when taking remedies. The active ingredient of Senokot Tablets, for example, is a plant extract (Senna), which works naturally with your body, to provide natural constipation relief.

2. Aren't they harmful?

Constipation remedies like Senokot are not likely to be harmful in any way, however make sure you always read the label before using the product. If you experience any side effects, please consult your GP. Senokot Tablets and Syrup contain Senna, a natural plant extract which works with your body to restore your digestive system to it's normal self. When you are constipated, your digestive system is out of balance, so taking a remedy can actually provide your body with relief and help you get back to normal.

3. How will I know when I'll go?

A worry for many people when taking a constipation remedy is that they'll have to go at embarrassing times - during a meeting, in the supermarket or waiting for the kids outside school. Each treatment works in its own way, but they all have predictable results. Remedies like Senokot Tablets, Syrup 7.5mg/5ml and Max Strength are taken before bedtime* and take 8-12 hours to work. That way, you will know when you can expect your bowels to move, putting you back in control. *Adults only.

4. So what can I expect?

When taking a constipation remedy like Senokot, all you can really expect is for it to work in harmony with your body to get your bowels to start moving again, resulting in you being able to enjoy your day again.